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Daniel Kanis has worked with plenty of websites and has seen pretty much every possibility for failure in the web-space.
Unlike most website professionals, Daniel is a WebMaster (AKA Web Programmer) of 10+ years.
This means whatever is causing you grief, we will be able to track it down and get you back up!
Daniel has helped dozens of business owners get back online.

 Call us today to get your site back online.

What you'll need:

Phone us right away! Please keep in mind, that in order for us to solve the problem, the following list of information will come in handy.
If you don't have all the information, no worries. We will work with what we can.

Within 12 hours have your site back online.
There are no guarantees with broken sites, but with most scenarios, we've been able to get sites back online in no-time.

Whatever it is, we will try our best to solve the following common issues:

  • Website repair
  • Website maintenance
  • Website troubleshooting
  • Website fixes
  • Website issues
  • Website support
  • Website updates
  • Website optimization
  • Broken website
  • Website downtime
  • Website errors
  • Website recovery
  • Website bug fixes
  • Website performance
  • Website security
  • Website backup
  • Website restoration
  • Website enhancement
  • Joomla Hacked
  • Domain Name Not Found
  • Website not found
  • Website functionality
  • Website debugging
  • Website speed
  • Website broken links
  • Website plugin issues
  • WordPress repair
  • WordPress maintenance
  • WordPress troubleshooting
  • WordPress issues
  • WordPress support
  • WordPress updates
  • WordPress optimization
  • WordPress security
  • WordPress backup
  • WordPress restoration
  • WordPress enhancement
  • WordPress functionality
  • WordPress debugging
  • WordPress recovery
  • WordPress errors
  • Security errors
  • Virus removal
  • Server issues
  • SSL certificate issues
  • Database repair
  • Theme issues
  • Plugin conflicts
  • CSS errors
  • HTML errors
  • JavaScript errors
  • Mobile responsiveness issues
  • Cross-browser compatibility issues
  • Error 404 fixes
  • White screen of death fixes
  • Site migration issues
  • Website migration errors
  • Broken forms fixes
  • Payment gateway integration issues
  • E-commerce platform issues
  • Security fixes
  • Hacked website repair
  • Malware removal
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