Custom Apps

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🫵 We discuss what YOU want.
Purpose built systems start with purpose built relational diagrams
  • We discuss the scope of your app
    • What would you like to accomplish?
    • Who would use this app?
    • Do you need a mobile app or web app?
    • What will it take to get your app to work?
  • Every custom system is essentially manipulation of variables.
    • By understanding your vision, we know what data you will need
    • We create relational diagrams that will power your databases.
    • We over engineer.
      • When the program's scope or requirements change, there won't be band-aid fixes.
  • Little to no setup required on your part.
    • You explain what you are looking for and we'll bring the expertise.
  • Dream Big!
    • I've had clients worried their ideas were impossible
      • This can actually hurt the end product.
      • Big changes are easier when the app is earlier in development
    • ANYTHING is possible when you have a custom programmer like us on your team!
👨‍🎨 We design a pixel-perfect app.
Stay on Brand
  • Evolve Digital will ensure your design is how you'd like down to the pixel.
  • We do this by programming your app from the ground up.
  • Our designers will create an app that is 100% on brand.
 💫  We create a dynamic preview
Real Time Updates
  • We will wrap your app in your brand-specific design
  • Our developers will take designs and build a draft-review app and give you updates.
    • No technical action is needed on your part
    • Just approve or provide feedback when necessary.
🧱 We build various pages and forms
And the functionality that goes with them
  • Every app needs a place to manipulate and display data
  • Before your app goes live we will fully build out any pages or forms on both the front end and back end.
    • The Front End is what your user sees
    • The Back End is where you manage the data
✨ We code custom functionality
Connect to anything
  • Got a third-party service that needs updates from your app?
  • We can link CRM data, connect apps, zaps, or anything you imagine.
  • We can build wizards or functionality that elimates thousands of tedious administrative work
  • We can schedule syncs that run on a schedule to ensure backups, etc.
🟢 We ensure you stay online. 
Our hosting plans keep you in the family
  • Even if you don't have a web-app, chances are you need a database.
  • We offer competitive pricing to keeping your site with us.
  • Keep costs low with fewer middlemen
    • We will have access to your sites for any debugging or code creation
    • We can apply fixes and changes instantly
  • Our Web Diagnostic hourly fee is $150/hr
    • Having faster access to your sites will decrease the time needed by up to 3x.
    • We can apply fixes and changes instantly
  • We Ensure your app stays online and credentials aren't lost.
    • Often, website resellers offload hosting to another company.
    • This leads to long email chains. Its gross.
    • This leads to confusion for you whenever you need to simply add Email to your domain, or simply create a new page on your site.
  • You will receive all credentials and access documents to ensure the site remains fully yours.
⚡️ You are empowered.
Eliminate Busy-Work
  • No longer will you be searching for apps that only do half of what you need.
  • You can streamline your work orders / systems / reporting whatever it be!
  • All your data will be neatly organized and sensical
    • By implementing a good data strategy, Evolve Digital will have created an app that just makes sense.

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