Prebuilt Software was too confusing.

We built a purpose built app for their schedule system only.


Every company does it slightly differently. While there are great out of the box scheduling systems out there, they can be quite bloated due to the need to cater to various needs at each company.

This was exactly the issue a local farmer was having.

He needed a simple way to schedule who was working and when. Something that could be printed, and something that could be accessible by all staff on their phone.

In order to minimize make work for the farmer when staff members wanted to switch shifts, the staff could login with their phones and see what schedules were open or 'flagged'. 

A Flagged shift meant a user could take a shift. This enabled the eager to work as much as they wanted, while also a way to quantify the staff who've been flagging all their shifts.

Built in 2014, the site is still in use today. That's because of the old adage many farmers will echo: "If it ain't broke, don't fix it"

Evolve Digital can now build systems such as these in a few months time due to new processes and experience in the field of custom apps.

Talk to us what issues you are running into. Are you using an out of the box solution that is costing you much time to manage? 

We can solve your issues and provide you with exactly the app you want. 

Need text messaging alerts? Need staff interation and involvement? Need easy to understand metrics? Evolve Digital will make this easy.

The above meticulous process Evolve Digital applies to all our sites, wether large or small. The result is something truly unique, fast, understandable and pixel-perfect to match your brand. We are obsessed with ensuring your app stands out and requires little of your time to do so.

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