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Get out the vote with scrutineers, data, and door knocking collaboration.

Politics is an interesting place.

If you are new to the process of politics and just want to know how Evolve Digital enabled wins at multiple levels, I'll outline in as little detail as possible how the process works below.

In Canada, if Bob wants to run for Party X, he first needs to win what's called a nomination. This is where multiple different people compete for a limited number of time to get enough votes for themselves to run for Party X. This involves door knocking known supporters of Party X. Data is collected during this phase. You know the supporters of Party X will support either bob or sue. 

Then at the end of the nomination period, a vote takes place. Bob needs to effectively contact each supporter and ask them to support his nomination via door knocking. There can be 1000s of doors to be knocked on. Bob only has 10 volunteers that day - things aren't looking great for Bob.

This is where Evolve Digital comes in. If Bob did his job, there is data on who will support bob. The question is how to contact everyone in a 5 hour period?

Three teams of three are sent out to various corners of the riding to start door knocking. The final volunteer is someone who knows the community well. They are a scrutineer. Scrutineers can monitor from a distance, who has come in to vote.

Evolve Digital will create algorithims, lists, and utilize APIs to inform the door knockers who's voted. We act as an intermediary. This means doorknockers receive updated lists with up-to-date data on who's knocked and who has not. The teams on the ground can then prioritize neighbourhoods that predominantly are not voting.

This maximizes output and can make all the difference in tight races. This also allows the knockers to knock on the most doors as possible, without annoying voters who already voted.

This process has seen results. Both in nominations, but also in federal elections. One time the margins to win were razor thin, amongst all the other factors, Evolve Digital managed to squeak a win. 

The above meticulous process Evolve Digital applies to all our sites, wether large or small. The result is something truly unique, fast, understandable and pixel-perfect to match your brand. We are obsessed with ensuring your site stands out and requires little of your time to do so.

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