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We are enabling the average person to send a well-written email in minutes.

The average person doesn't care too much about politics. But when they do care, they often feel a disconnect with how to engage with their elected representative.

Evolve Digital assisted ARPA Canada with a proprietary software that suggested writing snippets to their user base. This enabled users who felt they didn't know what to say, to have a sense of how to write a letter. The snippets can be edited for each user, to ensure the email is unique and not just a signature on a petition.

Evolve Digital assisted with integrating the system to the overall web-prescence of ARPA. This allowed users to opt-in for further communications. They could also follow along on ARPA Profiles, where any verified users would have their action documented there as well. 

This site also did a lookup for the representatives that needed contacting. So if a user from Calgary logged on, the system would pull up the relevant Calgary MP and any other relevant MPs assigned to the topic.

This eliminates vast amounts of homework for the users, and they can send off well written emails to the right recipients in minutes.

This system was a game changer for the support base of ARPA Canada. Since inception, the various system versions have assisted tens of thousands of Canadians to connect with their MPs, MLAs, MPPs, etc.

Utilizing APIs, the representatives are pulled in via postal codes. Another API call determines the users' latitude and longitude for accurate geo-posistioning. 

Another system called EasyLetter, which is a clone of CareMail systems, enabled users to connect with the letter to editor emails within a certain radius.

This was done by a proprietary database whereby the coordinates of the newspapers and their contact information was cataloged. Evolve Digital provided a wizard by which the staff at ARPA could enter in all the findings for each newspaper.

Using Math and SQL queries, the users latitude and longitude is compared to the database, and the user is instantaneously given the nearest papers by them.

Open North, an API for elected representatives was what ARPA used for years to achieve the rep-lookup functionality.

When after elections, the Open North data was inaccurate for months, Evolve Digital built another database fed by the Legislature info and riding info. This way, the users were able to access elected representative data before any other competing systems out there relying on Open North's API.

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