ARPA Profiles

ARPA Profiles

Gamified Political Action App

Grassroots Action - Reimagined

ARPA Canada's Mission is to educate equip and encourage reformed christians to political action and to provide a biblical witness to civil authorities.

This mission is what inspired the creation of this unique app. 

We were inspired to create a gamified action platform for ARPA Canada once all the benefits it would have to ARPA’s mission were realized.

Often, education, encouragement and equipping can be quite time consuming for the staff at ARPA. They found it very encouraging to see the platform being used for a while now, and find it encouraging that other students and adults can see action happening across the country! This really gives a sense of movement and a groundswell of support.

ARPA Profiles is built upon an existing core codebase that Evolve Digital helped built. This codebase is what ARPA runs the remainder of its programs. The codebase took about a year to develop, and is constantly being refined. The codebase core accomplishes all things ARPA for both their staff and for their grassroots supporters, the specific add-on that we now know as “ARPA Profiles” took about six months from the ideation phase to the initial soft launch. It was originally intended to be a spot for the supporters to just update contact information and subscription settings. Something like ARPA Profiles required out of the box thinking and creating something that isn’t offered in a pre-built solution. God’s given Evolve Digital the ability to meet unique clients with unique projects. Together we have developed creative online web-apps. These web-apps take months, sometimes even years to build, but as with anything, the more you build, the faster you can learn or build the next project. If I were to program a new gamified platform like ARPA Profiles all over again, it would take about 9 months total for a stand-alone solution.

From the outset the youth were very encouraged, and were being equipped and educated by the Profiles platform. It was really pushed it in Alberta and encouraged students and teachers alike to go and post everything to the platform. A tour in Ontario where they promoted it further this really did help. 

School Clubs are doing flag displays, hosting local ARPA meetings, sending many emails, delivering many flyers, writing many letters, and meeting with MPs and MLAs - all posted to the ARPA Profiles platform.

ARPA Profiles has accomplished one key ingredient that is essential to political action. And that’s the thought of: “I’m not doing this alone.” ARPA grassroots are doing this knowing there is a great team of people across this country all pushing for change.

The new site included some proprietary technology that was not something you'd find 'in a box' solution. Weaving that proprietary tech throughout the entire ARPA web-presence is what will set them apart as a leading grassroots organization that punches above its weight of supporters for years to come.

The above meticulous process Evolve Digital applies to all our sites, wether large or small. The result is something truly unique, fast, understandable and pixel-perfect to match your brand. We are obsessed with ensuring your site stands out and requires little of your time to do so.

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